Warranty/Release of Liability From Manufacturers


Warranty provided by manufactures is conditional- and limited- it is NOT UNCONDITIONAL NOR UNLIMITED

We do everything we can to make sure your warranty claim will be approved - We try to ask as many questions as we can- Go over Use & Care guides to make sure the appliance is being used as intended and not in a way that will void your warranty- so as much information from you the customer is important-

Providing Proof of Purchase is on the burden of the customer requesting warranty service Proof of Purchase  is the register receipt received at purchase. If the Manufacturers requests Proof of Purchase  and/or rejects the claim the customer has not provided it then the charge for the repair will be the burden of the customer until Proof of Purchase  can be provided and submitted to the manufacturer

The Warranty Liability Release Paper  can be returned to us via:

email [email protected]
Fax (303) 496-1016
Or a CLEAR picture of Warranty Liability Release PaperProof of Purchase and a picture of the Model/Serial # tag text to
(307) 682-8453

Model & Serial Number

​Having your MODEL and SERIAL NUMBER when you call will help us serve you better, and at Springs Appliance Repair, that's exactly what we want to do. Serve you better!


​Here are a few good examples of where to look for the manufacturer's tag.












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  • This repair will be made for due consideration
  • confirm that this repair will be paid for by the manufacturer warranty/service agreement. I agree that my liability for the cost of this repair is not waived and agree to be personally responsible for the cost for this repair in the event the manufacturer/service contract company/extended warranty provider fails to pay any portion of the full amount of these charges based on warranty limitations, or if the warranty provider fails to make payment with in the agreed 30-pay day billing period. I understand that if I do not provide Appliance Repair Company with proof of purchase of my appliance and my claim is rejected in anyway due to not providing proof of purchase I am responsible for the cost of the repair.

    In the event that I am directly billed for all or a portion of the cost of this repair, I agree that I will remit said charges within 10 days of the billing date and will be responsible for interest on the unpaid balance from the date of repair at the rate of 3% per month (annual 36%) or the maximum amount allowed by law, as well as the reasonable cost of collection, including attorney fees.

    Having been advised and understand that the service technician will be as careful as possible in undertaking the repairs, I hereby release Appliance Repair Company, it’s successors in interest, its present and future owners, officers, directors, agents, employees, technicians, insurers and assign for any and all liability, actual, express and implied, for damage costs or expenses of any kind arising out of and in the course of Appliance Repair Company, its agents or employees undertaking to repair any or all of my appliances.

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